15 September – 03 November 2018

Gregor Hildebrandt
EXHIBITION | "Ein Zimmer im Raum"

WENTRUP, Berlin, Germany

Galerie Wentrup is pleased to present Ein Zimmer im Raum, its 7th solo show by Gregor Hildebrandt, who lives and works in Berlin and also teaches as professor of painting at Munich’s Akademie der Künste.

His minimalist oeuvre, which Galerie Wentrup has been presenting since 2004, engages primarily with concepts of cross-media transfers of music and poetry into visual art. Hildebrandt’s core material are almost exclusively sound recording media, such as magnetic audio tapes and vinyl records, which he processes, or records something on them before using them on canvas, in photographic prints, or in expansive installations.

The starting points for his up to this point most colourful show are the title Ein Zimmer im Raum, borrowed from poet and novelist R. M. Rilke, as well as the black-and-white photograph on the invitation. It shows the view from the artist’s bed towards the ceiling. Just like in the descriptions by Victor Hugo, Stefan Andres, and Xavier de Maistre in his Journey Around My Room, and others before, Hildebrandt gazes into the supposed void and imagines the whole world: the authentic source of his thematic universe, from which his extremely rigorous oeuvre grows – it offers the idea of using obsolete recording techniques which transfer, on a level that resonates invisibly, romantic themes in a contemporary way for today’s audience.

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