28 April – 16 June 2018

Nevin Aladağ
EXHIBITION | Gallery Weekend Berlin – Nevin Aladag

WENTRUP, Berlin, Germany

WENTRUP is pleased to present the fifth solo exhibition by Nevin Aladağ at the gallery. At WENTRUP, Aladağ is showing her new series Social Fabric. For this, she arranged tapestries of various formats and origins into socio-culturally hybrid objects. With Social Fabric, Aladağ continues what she started with her earlier series Pattern Matching; however, in Social Fabric she has expanded the palette of tapestries: in addition to Maghreb, Iraq, and China, she now also uses carpets from Ireland, the US, or Germany. In addition, in this new series Aladağ combines the individual fields so freely and unpredictably that they are reminiscent both of modernist canvases as well as of virtual arrangements of digital fields.

Referencing her installation Jali at documenta 14, Aladağ created a series of new sculptures with titles such as Jali Arrow, Jali Ring, and Jali Tree. A jali  —meaning net or grid in Sanskrit — is an element in Indian architecture that structures spaces and is characterized by delicate, latticed, geometrical structures.

Aladağ collected the models for her ceramic sculptures in pastel colors at various sites, and developed them into heterogeneous matrices ranging from European Art Deco to Arabic architecture. Using a strategy similar to the one employed for Social Fabric, she combines these individual elements into geographically and culturally utopian objects.


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