10 June 2016

Olaf Metzel
Griselda Murray Brown: The market for monumental art: who’s buying?

The Financial Times, www.ft.com

This year’s Feature sector is bigger than previous editions — 32 booths, up from 30 last year — each of which will be presenting a bold curatorial project. Two galleries are addressing themes of migration: Wentrup (Berlin) is reviving Olaf Metzel’s installation “Sammelstelle” (1992), made in response to refugees arriving in Germany from the former Yugoslavia that year, while James Fuentes (New York) tells the story of an earlier migration with Jonas Mekas’s “Images Out of Darkness”, which captures the artist’s experiences as a refugee arriving in New York in 1949 (pictured above). Feature’s crowd-pleaser booth looks likely to be Luxembourg & Dayan, who are restaging the painting-dance-music performance “Da inventare sul posto” — see Commercial galleries are upping the ante.


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