Florian Meisenberg
Arielle Bier: Yore So Vain

Sleek, No 40, Spring 2016

Arielle Bier: Yore So Vain, Sleek Magazine No 40, Spring 2016, p. 42/43.


How often have you looked in the mirror, updated your CV, bought a new pair of shoes, or even second-guessed a social media post and thought ‘Is this me?’ As our perceptions of the world
become mediated through computer screens, “ICH” (“ME”), an exhibition at Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt examines identity 2.0 through a series of selfie-related artworks.

Featuring over 40 artists, the show presents works from the Sixties until today, including ROBERT MORRIS’ electroencephalogram “Brain Portrait” from 1963, Nam June Paik’s 1974 “Egomachine”, a typewriter that can only print his name, and the vacuum-packed personal items of Paweł Althamer’s 1994 “Selbstporträt (Kleidung)”.
Many of the objects explore the ways in which artists deconstruct their identities, such as FLORIAN MEISENBERG’S recent installation “Out of Office” – a live stream of activity from his iPhone. Prior to the show’s opening, SLEEK got Meisenberg’s take on self-identification in the digital age.

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