September/October 2016

Gregor Hildebrandt
Jetzt wird's hot im Staate Dänemark

Avlskarl Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

For the exhibition “Jetzt wird’s hot im Staate Dänemark”, the German edition of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet published by Reclam serves as a model and leitmotif. The artist engraves the image of the book cover, a portrait of an actor playing Hamlet, on granite and places it opposite the entrance of the narrow exhibition space. Hamlet directs his gaze to the cassette rack showing his beloved Ophelia. The work surrounds the monumental floor work in which the image is reflected like on the surface of a body of water. Hirnholzparkett is composed of cassette tapes wound around reels, cut into pieces and cast in epoxy resin, so that the visible surface consists of the narrow edges of countless audio tapes. 


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