22 September – 12 November 2016

Gregor Hildebrandt
"Bilder malen wie Cure"

Galerie Perrotin, Seoul, South Korea

For his exhibition “Bilder malen wie Cure” (“Painting Pictures Like The Cure”), Hildebrandt has created new collages from audio cassette tapes recorded with songs by the British band The Cure. Even though only one song is used for each work, often times multiple recordings are needed to cover the canvas surface – and those little spots between the dark strands mark the physical and musical beginning, or ending, of each song. “zu tönende” (1999) is one of the earliest works for which the artist employed cassette tapes arranged in close vertical lines. Inscribed in white paint with the sentence, ‘Bilder malen wie Cure’, the work marks the inception of many of the ideas, techniques, and leitmotifs that the artist continues to develop on up to this day. 
For the column “Cure Ornament” (2016), Hildebrandt uses only vinyl records by The Cure. Since 2005, the artist has been making these sculptural vinyl disc columns out of stacked and shell-shaped record bowls in diverse and (in theory) endless variants, just as the musical pieces can be rearranged and embedded in new contexts. In this way, the disc columns take up the central theme of the exhibition and also references Constantin Brancusi’s Endless Column.


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