October 28 – November 21, 2014

Hicham Berrada
Equilibres / Ausgleich

Wentrup, Berlin, Germany

curated by Alya Sebti

This exhibition is an ode to the poetry of our everyday lives, an invitation to go back to the substance. A moment of pause, to focus on our senses, and let our brain slow down and stop focusing on discourses and extra ordinary events so that we can finally observe what we are all made of, what we all have in common and share, but never take the time notice in the permanent race we are trapped in.

Coming back to the sense: the sight and the act of looking. The spectator as a witness of the magic revealed thanks to performances of the two artists: Felix Kiessling and Hicham Berrada.

By constantly combining new relationship between water and the elementary particles necessary to the emergence of life, heat, and movement, these two alchemists expose the magic of what we are made of. From these fragile relationship emanates the reaction of millions of particles, provoking new tensions which themselves create illusions of equilibrium.

The “Equilibres/Ausgleich” exhibition is the very first encounter between Hicham and Felix, their unique dialogue about floating equilibrium reveals the poetry of our everyday life.


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