29 April – 16 June, 2016

Peles Empire

Wentrup, Berlin, Germany

For their second solo exhibition at WENTRUP, Peles Empire has designed a large-scale site-specific installation that is based on several years of absorbed investigation into the relationship between original and copy.

Even while they were still studying at the Städelschule art academy, duo Katharina Stöver and Barbara Wolff initiated their research into Peles Castle in Romania, which continues, as indicated by their artists’ pseudonym Peles Empire.

The new show at WENTRUP entails a complete restaging of the gallery space. New objects, photographic wallpaper, Jesmonite sculptures, and rugs printed with photographs create a comprehensive installation whose motifs are generated from previous recordings within the selfsame gallery space. Their work overlays the exhibition space, replicating it upon itself – often, however, with a shift in medium and material. In Peles Empire’s exhibition, the copied copy manifests itself as the new original. 

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