April 5 – May 25, 2015

Peles Empire

S.A.L.T.S., Birsfelden, Switzerland

For MUTANT, Peles Empire worked site-specifically, responding to the architecture of SALTS. Further emphasizing the process of layering both physically and conceptually, a dramatic tear in the front wallpaper uncovers a monumental paper backdrop, highlighting the room’s top light shaft, while visually merging floor and ceiling. Adding to the visual be wilderment, two column-like Jesmonite sculptures finish the dramtic setting.
Working mostly with A3-sized photographic paper and Jesmonite, the use of sober material and the absence of colours contrast with the richness and extravagance of the castle. Adopting the same undemocratic fashion as initially set out when the castle was designed, the clumsy heaviness of the original architecture fades away as the artists create their own version(s) of it, embracing Baudrillard’s notion of simulacra while highlighting the impossibility of a “true” representation.


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